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Road Stamping

Our company undertakes the construction of products & marking equipment to avoid accidents, separation of lanes, creation of islands, construction of projects, etc. We ensure unique quality and great durability in all our products.

Plastic Rollers

Stilianou SA company manufactures sheares for trailer yachts. There is the possibility of building on the side sheares, small sheares worker, as well as bow and backside sheares. The rubber part of the wheel leaves no mark on the surface of the hull. Plastic and rubber part of the shear have UV protection from the sun.

Tank Lids

Our business in modern premises in Thessaloniki, manufactures plastic lids for containers of small or large volume. With attention to detail and high quality of the equipment, we guarantee their durability.

Plastic Boxes

Stilianou SA company – Industrial Plastics products, manufactures plastic multipurpose containers, such as bottles containers, containers for drug delivery, industrial crates handling food. Our company is able to manufacture the plastic boxes in any color and packing size, in consultation with the client and appropriate quantity.

Stilianou S.A Plastic industrial products