Plastic Sheares

Stilianou SA company manufactures sheares for trailer yachts. There is the possibility of building on the side sheares, small sheares worker, as well as bow and backside sheares.

The rubber part of the wheel leaves no mark on the surface of the hull. Plastic and rubber part of the shear have UV protection from the sun.

Below you can see some indication of the sheares on trailer.


ράουλο τρειλερ

Ράουλα τρέιλερ

Shears W100 Shears W115
 Διπλό ράουλο Ράουλα τρέιλερ
Double shears W100 Double shears W115
ράουλο τρειλερ Ράουλα
Shears for bow 10 cm Shears for bow 12 cm
ράουλο τρειλερ Ράουλα
Shears for backside 14 cm Shears for backside 19 cm
ραουλο τρειλερ Ράουλο
Shears W130 Shears W200
τάκος & δέστρα Πέλμα φουσκωτού
Chock & Bollard Sole for puffy boat
Προστατευτικό άξονα Προστατευτικό άξονα
Cover for axle (small) Cover for axle (big)
IMG_3295 IMG_3315
Coverings medium size Coverings small size
IMG_3306 Βάση πλώρης
Coverings big size Base bow
IMG_3342 Λαβή
Cap Handle
IMG_3354 Λασπωτήρας
Handle M 15×45 Cover for mud
IMG_3363 IMG_3336
Saddle 6cm Mudguard plastic
Θήκη πρίζας IMG_3375
Socket for electricity Sole 60x25x3
Baggage bollard